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Karen Vantvelt

Karen Vantvelt (°1986) experiments with dialogue and natural (instinctive) movement and questions ignorance and everyday issues. She makes them relatable, accessible and receptive in a search for the essence of life.
Using installations, interactions and performances, she shows her interpretation of experiences and findings about naturalness. Asking herself whether the obvious is obvious.
By noticing and magnifying essential life questions that turn out to be both trivial and fundamental, intriguing interactions emerge that lead to greater awareness. To get even closer to person- and time-specific fine-grained impressions and thoughtful observations, Karen aims to further develop and deepen her artistic research.

(s)he lives inside
(s)he lives
(s)he lives a life
her head is gone
her words are found
(s)he becomes

(s)he extended her legs towards the walls , and her fingers into an emotional layer of a hidden body . the body is stuck . you can call her he , but (s)he has breasts , doesn’t like bread and grew up in the West ; Belgium rooted , but (s)he is not rooted , could not escape , but tries to . needs some help but isn’t helpless . (s)he cares without knowing , (s)he lives without growing . (s)he is made from clay . not found at an archeological site , but sounds like the digital world behind . ( words . ) (s)he is . (s)he is alive . but does (s)he know where (s)he is right now ?

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