Berserk Art Agency is a nomadic connector platform for visual arts.

Berserk Art Agency is a nomadic connector platform for visual & media arts established in 2014.
Berserk Art Agency not only represents a selection of visual artists, but it also creates a supportive production environment for the artists we collaborate with and the organisations we manage.

We serve as a stepping stone to a next level in the development of an artistic career and approach every art practice from a personal and tailor made angle. In organisations we believe in the talents and responsibilities of each individual, therefore we believe in horizontal organisational structures.

We believe the craftsmanship of art and the artist should be at the center and therefore we invest all our time and means in promoting the artist and his/her/their practice. We work behind the scenes to have the spotlight on the artist. We work nomadically to spread the seeds of the art practice globally and to serve as a connector in and for the arts.
Also; we are too restless to stay in one place. So we move around constantly and are speaking to multi feathered art professionals. This allows us to have a good view on what is cooking in the professional art field and we are happy to share what we know.

Oftentimes Berserk Art Agency lands on planet earth by organizing studio visits, curated exhibition projects, lectures and by taking part in art fairs. You are most welcome to meet us there 👋

Berserk Art Agency promotes art based on belief, support and fair practice. We sell art based on true craftsmanship, quality and long term research. We collaborate based on equality, respect and honesty.
Collaborations are the result of patient observations in time, dialogue and artistic relevances.
Therefore we do not accept unsolicited applications.

Anouk Focquier