Berserk Art Agency is a nomadic connector platform for visual arts.

Berserk Art Agency is not only dedicated to the representation and production of artists and art organisations.
We strongly believe in the exchange of knowledge, people and means to make our sector grow.
That is why we build networks; to enhance mobility, enlarge frameworks of thought and action and exchange of resources.
Being nomadic, we often times hit the road to prospect certain regions, organisations and meet new people and practices.

What we do and who we meet, we share here.
Simply click on the hyperlinks below to download a pdf on a certain prospected area.
Our lists are ever growing, new places and new encounters are added. So it is worth coming back to this page once in a while.

Undoubtly the lists are incomplete. But what we share are the organisations and folks we had conversations with, checked within our networks and mostly visited physicaly. Unless organisations have a nomadic structure or weren’t in town when we were.

UK 2024: Margate, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool

USA 2024: : NYC, Upstate NY, Pittsburgh

Canada 2024: Province of Québec (Montréal, Québec, Chicoutimi, Sherbrooke)