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performance – 2014


TIME 2014 ( June – September )
PLACE Around ViaVia, Antwerp
EXPO Antwerp Fringe Festival ( 5 – 7 September )
PROJECT PROPOSAL Five, six and seven September I move around the area of the Conscienceplein on a floor ( I call it a floor ) of collected loose paving stones. This without losing physical contact with at least one of the stones, without leaving the floor, moving forward by moving each stone individually and randomly. This movement with changing floor forms the basic principle for an investigation into the importance of (in)stability, into the balance between constancy or permanence and changeability or volatility, subject to the influences of distance, environment and time, which may or may not determine the need for an (in)stable base for each individual. floor = basis of existence stones = (in)stability

FORM Body in installation / Dialogue i have lived 36 hours continuously on 56 paving stones after 36 my camera, money and blanket were stolen (my phone was still in my pocket) I left the stones then returned to the mark from the street to continue living on the stones for another 5 hours and finish the action ( out, (in)stabilise )
MATERIAL Stones (emergency) Telephone Bag with 5 euros (stolen) Blanket (stolen) Camera (stolen)

photo credits: Dries Segers