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Track Tracy

Interactive, a.i. driven light installation – 2018

Track Tracy is an interactive public art installation that explores our relationship with artificial intelligence and the definition of privacy.
With the rise of social media and increased digital surveillance came the mining of personal data as a new economic and defence model. The return for those data is the (temporal) gratification of the self and the feeling of safety.
These relatively new dynamics raised new questions on when the self becomes public and how the public becomes the self. What are we willing to disclose and what do we demand to be disclosed? The more we feel the need to stand out, the more we become a target, the more we demand protection, the more data are needed, the more we feel the need to break out.
Daems van Remoortere refer to the iconic cult-movie Koyaanisqatsi to describe how homo sapiens are searching for a new balance in their relationship to technology. It is clear that,
contrary to anything men faced since their origin, they don’t seem to be able to rely on their million year old toolbox to understand how to build up a relationship with this non- biological form of intelligence.

concept & realisation: Daems Van Remoortere
Co-produced by: robovision, de studio, and&, district antwerpen, diederik van remoortere & domien holthof

photo’s Track Tracy:

© Cultuurnacht Breda
© Karina Beumer Antwerp Art