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Meetingpoint (2022)

In situ permanent kinetic installation – 2022

In the context of a large art integration project in the new prison of Brussels, Daems Van Remoortere designed a permanent kinetic sculpture that makes time visible and tangible. In the courtyard, a passage between the actual prison and the visitors’ area, they installed Meetingpoint, a ten-meter-long circular segment that follows the position of the sun throughout the seasons, in a computerdriven way. The sculpture is in constant motion, covering a distance of about 4 centimeters in 24 hours. In summer the sculpture is the highest point (25 meters) whereas during winter it drops to the lowest point (3,5 meters).
The surface of this giant moving arch is build up in a zigzag shape, reflecting the bright colors on its surface in a kaleidoscopic manner throughout the year.

Concept & Realisation: Daems Van Remoortere