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Ief Spincemaille

Spincemaille’s artistic journey crosses visual arts, design and performance and a diverse range of working contexts. He works in bicycle factories, prisons, residential complexes, … Exploring the boundaries of his field of work (that of the arts), he plays whit its existing frameworks and shapes. Not just out of joy of playing a formalistic game, but from an necessity for new forms that better respond to his imagination.

His projects always arise from a childish wonder for simple phenomena. Things that are so close and familiar that they remain invisible: Earth’s curvature, the presence of sunlight, our farthest neighbor on the other side of the world, shortening and lengthening of the days, the immense versatility of a simple rope.

Spincemaille succeeds in combining wonder and poetry with a strongly committed and social and political practice. Doing so he continues an avant-garde tradition, an immanent criticism of the cultural institute and a search for closing the gap between art and life, and translates this tradition to a radical new contemporary form. By using an artist-decentered method, a multi-valued approach and working in a radical way in-situ, he explores the limits of one of the most challenging values of modern art: autonomy.

His work is supported by Werktank.