Savvy Sunday

Berserk Art Agency organizes a series of talks called in which we invite the artists we represent, art professionals we follow and all other people we like sitting together with for a 20' talk on passion, vision and lust for life.
Episode 6 — How should and/or can society support the arts? Are the arts a different sector than any other? And why is a tax law professor secretly cheering on rebels burning 500 Francs notes? In this episode we talk to tax law professor, opinion maker and ministerial advisor Michel Maus.

Episode 5 — How do you manage, restore and conserve a Medieval family domain? How can art serve as a cross road between past and present? And what do Henri Matisse and Charles Bukowski have in common? In this episode we talked to Véronique de Limburg Stirum, manager of the historical Adornes domain in Bruges.

Episode 4 — What are the similarities between top sport and professional art? Is there a logic to be found between stuffed Toucans, Japanese noise, boxing and Diego Maradona? In this episode we talked to former UEFA prosecturor, investor and art collector Karl Dhont.

Episode 3 — For the 3rd Savvy Sunday episode we get in touch with Chinese GAFA curator Ruby Lau on the young Chinese contemporary art scene, the artists that caught her attention and why humor can act as an important tool in art.

Episode 2 — In this episode with visual artist Ief Spincemaille we talk about the relationship between the artist and audience, about the similarity within the difference and why mirrors are helpful objects.

Episode 1 — We kick off this first episode with Kristof Van Heeschvelde, visual artist, performer and musician. Find out who played a key role in Kristof's work, why Kristof Van Heeschvelde is also a brand and which books are to be found on Kristof's bedside table.