Berserk Art Agency is an art agency for visual artists who are redefining and exploring their art form.

We work with artists who are, just like us, fascinated by the unknown and push boundaries far beyond imagination. Our policy is setting up long-term relationships with artists and create the ideal setting for artistic processes and production.

Berserk Art Agency does not run a physical gallery, we prefer to be nomadic. We offer studio visits for collectors and art professionals to see the body of work in real life.

Berserk has collaborated with HeK Basel (Switzerland), Berkeley University (USA), Museum Victoria (Australia), Opera Flanders (Belgium), Vejle Museum of Art (Denmark), Festival of Flanders (Ghent), European Creative Forum (E.U), The Nunnery Gallery (U.K.), Uppsala University (Sweden), The Crystal Ship Street Art Festival (Belgium), OCT Boxes Art Museum (China), Guangdong Art Museum (China), Museum M (Leuven, Belgium), De Studio (Antwerpen, Belgium), Netwerk Aalst (Belgium), Ultima Vez (Brussels, Belgium), Watou Kunstenfestival (Watou, Belgium), INEA (Montevideo, Uruguay), OK Center for Contemporary Art (Linz, Austria), Into The Great Wide Open (The Netherlands) CCDC Festival (Hong Kong), ...